Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Ph.D.

Professor of Ocean & Climate Dynamics
Director, Program in Ocean Science & Engineering (OSE)

School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Georgia Institute of Technology
311 Ferst Drive Atlanta, GA, 30332-0340, USA
Office: ES&T 3252
Voice: 404-894-3994
Fax: 404-894-5638
Email: edl@eas.gatech.edu


2003 - Ph.D., Climate Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, USA

1997 - Laurea in Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy

PICES SB Award, North Pacific Marine Science IGO, 2013
Class of 1964 Teaching Award, Georgia Tech, 2012
Sigma Xi Best Paper Award, Georgia Tech, 2011
Sigma Xi Young Faculty Award, Georgia Tech, 2009
Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence, Georgia Tech, 2007
Regents Graduate Fellowship, UC San Diego, 2000


Ocean & Climate Dynamics
Regional & Coastal Oceanography
Low Frequency Ocean Variability
Ocean & Inverse Modeling
Climate & Ecosystem Dynamics
Social-Ecological-Environmental Systems
Coupled Ocean & Atmosphere Variability

  • Vice-chair, Science Board, North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), [4/2017-, web]
  • Member of Future Earth Ocean Knowledge Action Network (KAN), [8/2017-, web]
  • Chairman PICES Physical Oceanography and Climate Committee (POC), [1/2017-, web]
  • Member US CLIVAR Science Steering Committee, [1/2017-, web]
  • Co-chair US CLIVAR Phenomena, Observations, and Synthesis Panel, [1/2017-, web]
  • Founding Director, Program in Ocean Science & Engineering, Georgia Tech, [10/2016-present, web]
  • Member PICES FUTURE Science Steering Committee, [1/2015-present, web]
  • Chair PICES SG-SEES Social-Ecological-Environmental Systems, [10/2013-10/2015, web]
  • Member CLIVAR ENSO Diversity WG, [01/2012-02/2015, web]
  • Chair PICES-WG27 North Pacific Climate Variability & Change, [04/2011-10/2015, web]
  • US delegate Advancing US-DPRK Relations through Science Engagement, [04/2012, web]
  • Chair ICES-WKECOFOR Forecasting Ecosystem Indicators, [03/2012-03/2013, web]
  • US representative PICES-COVE international advisory panel, [10/10/2009-2014, web]
  • Member Steering Committee, NSF/NOAA CAMEO Program, [03/2009-03/2012, web]
  • Member PICES-WG20 Evaluations of Climate Change Projections, [11/2005-2011, web]

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