Kim Cobb visits the White House and meets Michelle Obama, as part of the announcement for the NSF Career-Life Balance Initiative [link]


Emanuele DiLorenzo explains ocean gyres at EarthSky [link]


Stacy Carolin receives a NSF Graduate Fellowship for her research on the west Pacific warm pool hydrology during the last glacial period


Emanuele DiLorenzo (with K. Cobb, J. Furtado, A. Bracco) in Nature Geoscience finds that El Nino Modoki affects long-term fluctuations of the North Pacific climate. [link]


Ellery Ingall in Nature News and Views on the burial of phosphorus in the ocean. [link]
Professor Kim Cobb's class saves 60,000 pounds of CO2 at Georgia Tech in the Carbon Reduction Challenge and visits Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers. [link]
Jessica Moerman and Hussein Sayani (advisor Kim Cobb) receive NSF Graduate Fellowships for their research on paleoclimate reconstructions from speleothems and corals.
Julia Diaz (advisor Ellery Ingall) has received the Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) Scholar Award. Julia's researh area is the biogeochemical cycling of nutrient elements such as phosphorous in the ocean.
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